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Demolition of the Bjølvo Power Station

The old power station in Ålvik in Hordaland has given a completely new meaning to the term “working at height”. This is the steepest demolition job in Northern Europe.

Project status

      Apr 2016
      Jun 2017

      About the project

      The old Bjølvo Power Station consisted of pipes, suction pipes, staircases, distribution basin, an old power line and a transformer station. The power station is demolished in two phases: The first phase is carried out from April 2016 to December 2016, and the second phase is carried out from May 2017 to September 2017.

      • NOK 49 million

        Contract price

      • A temporary cableway transported the pipe trench down the mountain

      AF Gruppen

      Aalvik, Norway

      Demolition method

      Pipe trench comprising two pipes with diameters varying from 1 200 mm to 850 mm were demolished with burning. Work platforms were established for the crew in the steep areas, and temporary barracks and restrooms were flown up to the working areas. Waste transportation was performed by helicopter and a newly acquired cableway that was established in connection with the demolition job. 

      In addition to removing the pipe trench, the job includes demolishing the power station, steel foundations, trolley track with steps, the snow superstructure, the gatehouse with gate at Bjølsegrøvatn (the intake), the house over the surge chamber (distributing basin at the top), Jarane transformer station and some smaller constructions.

      The project has performed 10 000 metres of torch cutting. 3 000 tonnes of steel and metal and 2 700 tonnes of concrete has been removed. 

      Strict HSE requirements

      The removal of the hundred-year-old power station was done in very steep terrain, and extra security provisions were implemented. The crew was secured with rope and hooks at all times. Personnel were transported up and down the mountain by helicopter, and equipment and parts were also transported using the cableway. The cableway will be used in future projects.


      Project info

      Project type: Riving
      Business unit: AF Decom AS

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