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Environmental remediation

Environmental remediation

    In all our demolition projects, we aim to sort and reuse as much waste as possible. First we remove all inventory and hazardous waste so that it does not mix with the rest of the demolition waste. When the structural shell is demolished, the bulk material is sorted into different fractions and sent for recycling. On average, the sorting rate for our projects is 95 per cent. We deliver quickly and efficiently, ensuring that the project documentation satisfies applicable laws and regulations.

    Internal environmental remediation

    In renovation projects AF can completely or partially remove building materials such as lightweight structures, floor coverings, partition walls, doors, windows, ceilings, cables. The waste is sorted and sent for recycling. Substances which are harmful to health and the environment are handled according to the environmental remediation report.

    We are flexible both with regard to the customer and to other contractors at the site, so that the project can be completed according to schedule.