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Rehabilitation and Rebuilding

Rehabilitation and Rebuilding

    AF is a specialist in building renewal. The conversion of large commercial buildings or combination projects, which include both the demolition of old buildings, rehabilitation and construction of new buildings, is our speciality.

    Our experience showa that early involvement gives projects most added value, and Partnership contracts as a contract model provides the lowest total cost for construction projects.

    We know what challenges and choices our customers face when ideas are to be realised. We also know which solutions will work best for the particular projects.

    AF aims to get as many of our conversion projects as possible into the Partnership contract model (Samspillskontrakt). The purpose of the early involvement of the contractor is to gain access to the contractor's expertise, thereby reducing project costs without changing the nature of the project. The possibility of change is greatest in an early phase - the costs increase the longer in the project you progress.