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Special Projects

Special Projects

    AF Construction undertakes assignments within a number of special areas. We have developed unique expertise and built solid experience through many complex projects.

    Oil and gas plants

    Over the past 20 years AF has conducted several major projects for the oil and gas industry. Our investment in the oil and energy market includes new construction, expansion and upgrading of both onshore facilities and transmission plants. Our tasks for the oil companies have contributed to the development of AF and our employees through the customers' focus on values and strict requirements for HSE, quality and implementation capacity.

    The most comprehensive project in the onshore facility segment is the Snøhvit project. AF was from 2002-2007 involved in Statoil's extensive development project which included the extraction of gas from the Barents Sea and associated onshore facility at Melkøya outside Hammerfest

    We carry out tasks within land reclamation, land development and "civilian" work on infrastructure, construction work, quays, landings, tunnels and caverns and pipelines.


    AF carries out assignments both within new construction and renewal of all types of offshore and port facilities throughout the coast and on Svalbard.

    We have long and wide experience with the establishment and relocation of regional port terminals and quays, deepening of harbour pools and shipping lanes, environmental cleaning of port areas and industrial development.

    We also perform groundwork and concrete work for the utilisation of port areas for other purposes, with associated infrastructure.
    AF is especially competitive in projects where the conditions are suitable for specific equipment for foundation work, underwater blasting and dredging.

    Our expertise in port development includes dredging, blasting and filling work in the sea, underwater blasting, concrete work, foundation work and diving work.