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Ørland Fighter Aircraft Base

In 2012, the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency commenced the task of planning and developing bases for Norway’s new combat aircraft, the F-35. The main base will be established at Ørland air base.

Project status

      Aug 2017
      Aug 2021

      About the project

      AF Gruppen is carrying out two contracts at Ørland Combat Aircraft Base. Hangers, infrastructure and outdoor structures, as well as external perimeter.

        AF Gruppen


        Norway’s new fighter aircraft base

        On behalf of the Ministry of Defence, the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency is carrying out the contract to plan and construct the main base at Ørland in Sør-Trøndelag county and an advanced base at Evenes in Nordland county. The project is the largest in the history of the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency. 

        A total of 40 000 m² of new construction work and 25 000 m² of rebuilding work will take place at Ørland. 

        The Ministry of Defence’s new fighter aircraft base at Ørland will receive the new combat aircraft and conduct effective theoretical and practical training. As well as the technical infrastructure, taxiways/runways and major landscape areas, a squadron building, hangers, workshop and storeroom will be built. 

        AF has secured two contracts at the new fighter aircraft base. One of the contracts includesgroundwork with infrastructure and establishing ground covers for hangars. 

        The other contract includes the establishment of a protective zone around the air base.

        Project info

        Project type: Anlegg - Spesialprosjekter
        Business unit: AF Anlegg
        Customer: Forsvarsbygg
        Contract type: Hovedentreprise

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