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Vamma Power Station

A new and modern generator will increase production capacity by 50 per cent at Norway's largest run-of-river hydro power station - with the least possible intervention in nature.

Project status

      Oct 2015
      Feb 2019

      About the project

      Project “Vamma 12” includes establishing a new intake channel, building a new power station, suction pipe and discharge channel. Parts of the watercourse will be established in a tunnel.

      • NOK 370 million

        Contract value

      • Vamma currently produces 1,350 GWh per year, which corresponds to around 14% of the power consumption in Oslo.

      AF Gruppen

      Vammafossen 82, 1816 Skiptvet

      Norway’s largest run-of-river hydro power station will become even bigger

      Vamma power station is Norway's largest run-of-river hydropower station and Hafslund’s largest power station. In total, the power station takes in water from an area the size of Switzerland. In 2015, it was 100 years since the first two generators were commissioned and the power station has subsequently been developed in multiple stages. The expansion of Vamma power station is one of Europe’s largest run-of-river hydro power expansions since the 1980s with a throughput of 500 m³ per second and installed output of 128 MW. 

      A tunnel with a cross section of 230 square metres has been blasted 50 metres under the ground, where the actual generator will be located. This will direct the water up to the turbine. The new, modern facility will have a much higher level of efficiency than the old generators. A total of 1,500 cubic metres of water per second will flow through the power station's 12 turbines when the new generator is ready for production. 

      Green production and modern construction methods 

      In addition to the increased capacity, following the expansion, Vamma power station will be much less vulnerable to loss of production when renovating and upgrading the current generators. 

      As one of the first projects of its kind in Europe, work at Vamma power station will be carried out using digital models that contain all information necessary to construct the facility. Traditional drawings are history. Deliveries from the client and consultants comprise 3D models, and these are used in both planning and in established BIM stations and tablets in the field.


      Project info

      Project type: Kraft
      Business unit: AF Anlegg
      Customer: Hafslund Produksjon AS

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