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Rv13 Ryfast

Under commission from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, AF Gruppen is building Rv13 Ryfast, E03 Ryfylke Tunnel.

Project status

    Aug 2013
    Oct 2018

    About the project

    Ryfast is the connection between Nord-Jæren and Ryfylke. The Ryfylke Tunnel will be the world's longest subsea road tunnel when it is completed.

    • NOK 1168 million

      Contract value

    • 8

      kilometres of dual carriageway

      6.5 km forms part of the 14 km long subsea Solbakk Tunnel. Four portal structures, a 100-metre long bridge and a building for technical systems in the tunnel.
    AF Gruppen

    Riksvei 13, Stavanger

    Building below sea level

    AF Gruppen is general contractor for contract E03 Ryfast, which comprises the construction of a 6.3 km twin-bore tunnel, surface zones with local roads, four portal structures, a 100-metre bridge and buildings for technical systems at surface level and in the tunnel. The Ryfylke Tunnel will be the longest subsea tunnel in the world for ordinary road traffic with a total length of 14.3 kilometres. 

    The tunnel will be built from both ends, with one contractor at each end. Each charge will blast the tunnel bore around 5 metres, and each week the tunnel will grow between 30 and 40 metres longer. The tunnel bores will meet 292 metres under the sea. 

    For reasons of safety, the tunnels in the Ryfast project are being constructed as twin-bore tunnels, with two lanes in each direction. 

    AF has also previously constructed subsea tunnels, and possesses the expertise, capacity and competitive ability to undertake major subsea projects. Production of tunnels and caverns for hydroelectric power, road and rail projects, as well as other subsea projects for industrial purposes are carried out by AF Anlegg.

    Project info

    Project type: Samferdsel og underjord
    Customer: Statens vegvesen region Vest
    Contract type: Entreprise

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