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Drammen Hospital

AF carries out both environmental clean-up and civil engineering and building works in connection with the establishment of a new hospital in Drammen.

Project status

      Feb 2019
      Dec 2024

      From industrial area to hospital

      The new Drammen hospital will serve as the local hospital for the communities of Lier, Drammen and Sande. Additionally, the hospital will provide area functions on behalf of the Vestre Viken Health Enterprise. AF Gruppen is involved in multiple aspects of the construction project. The South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority is the client and developer. Testing and occupation will take place in 2024-2025.

      • 122,000 m2

        Total area for the project
      • 10.5 billion

        Estimated price in 2020 NOK
      AF Gruppen

      Brakerøya, Drammen

      Multiple projects

      Various companies in the AF system have been involved in the process since the project started in 2019. AF Decom got the job of environmental clean-up and demolition of older industrial buildings on the site. The area had a built-up area of about 40,000 square metres, and the buildings were from a period when products that are currently deemed to be environmentally hazardous were used.

      In May 2020, AF Anlegg started the foundation engineering and the establishment of basement constructions. Piling is a large part of the job. FAS is responsible for the foundation engineering. In addition come the concrete works.

      New access

      In December 2020, it was announced that AF had been awarded two new contracts for the project.

      The Kulvert contract under the railway and pedestrian and cycle road bridge comprises a culvert for crossing the Drammen line with a new four-lane access road to the hospital as well as a pedestrian and cycle road bridge. Start-up first quarter 2021 and completion in spring 2022. The assignment is a main contract with a value of approximately NOK 120 million excl. VAT and is carried out by AF Anlegg.

      The other contract comprises structural and pile works for the central building west and the service building. This includes half of the west treatment building, outpatient clinic 2, half the ward building and service building. The total area is 33,000 m2. The project will be carried out as a main contract by AF Bygg Østfold. The project starts in March 2021, with completion scheduled for December 2022. The agreement has a value of NOK 347 million, excl. VAT.

      Contract number 5 is also carried out by AF Bygg Østfold. The contract for the construction of a compact building for the central building was signed on 4 February 2021. The contract has a value of NOK 285 million, excl. VAT.

      The work starts in January 2022, and comprises design and execution of façades in façade brick and aluminium, glass façades and roofing on the central building of the hospital. The central building consists of the treatment building, the outpatient clinic buildings, the ward building and the service building.

      On 17 November 2021, it was announced that yet another unit of AF will contribute to the project. AF Energi has been approved for the hospital's heating and cooling system.

      The contract encompasses heating and cooling systems for the new hospital’s main building. The agreement has a value of about NOK 200 million excl. VAT. The planning work will start immediately, after the end of the qualifying period. Work on site is scheduled to begin in March 2022.

      • Brakerøya before the hospital project started. Old industrial buildings on the site had to be demolished and redeveloped.
      • AF Decom will carry out demolition and environmental clean-up in 2019.
      • AF Anlegg will mould the basement in December 2020.
      • While the railway was closed for maintenance in the summer of 2021, the gang at AF Anlegg built the access to the new hospital. The culvert under the Drammen Line weighs 1,600 tonnes.
      • This is how the main entrance of the new hospital will look.

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