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Vikingtidsmuseet Bygdøy Oslo Kreditering: Statsbygg/Aart Architects

Museum of the Viking Age

At Bygdøy in Oslo, the world's best-preserved Viking ships can be found. When the new Viking Age Museum is finished in 2025, it will be Norway's new global attraction.

Project status

    Apr 2021
    Dec 2026

    Securing the World Heritage

    The Viking ships were built in the 800's and were found in three large burial mounds at Oseberg, Gokstad and Tune. Today's museum does not meet the requirements for how the ships and other artefacts from the Viking Age should be stored. In the new museum, the Viking ships and the rest of the Viking Age collections will be presented in a safer and more public-friendly manner than is possible today. A new Viking Age museum is intended to ensure that the people of today and future generations have access to cultural-historical knowledge and understanding of the Viking Age.

    • NOK 870 million

      Contract value

    • 13.000 M2

      Three times the size of today's museum.

    AF Gruppen

    Spectacular architecture

    The project features spectacular architecture but also challenging ground and concrete works, strict requirements for the environment, indoor climate and securing fragile objects. Due to the many special characteristics of the project, Statsbygg has chosen to implement this in a so-called collaborative contract where Statsbygg and AF Gruppen together will develop the project.

    The entire museum facility will have a total area of just over 13,000 square metres, three times the size of the current Viking Ship Museum.

    The new museum will feature a public-oriented collection of objects from the Viking Ship Museum and the Museum of Cultural History at the University of Oslo, as well as functions for research and conservation.

    Project info

    Project type: Offentlige bygg
    Architect: AART architects
    Customer: Statsbygg
    Contract type: Samspill

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