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Energy Performance Contracting

Energy Performance Contracting

    Energy Performing Contracting (EPC) is an energy savings contract with a performance guarantee. Both public and private building owners can enter into EPC contracts to modernize technical facilities, implement energy-efficient measures in their building stock and reduce CO2 emissions. The measures are financed through future savings.

    AF is a leading EPC operator in Norway

    In turnkey contracts, our customers only have one energy partner to relate to. This contributes to a smooth procurement and contracting process while at the same time we are responsible for most of the financial and technical risks.

    We started offering EPC contracts in 2008 and has since made sure that a number of municipalities and counties have significantly reduced their energy consumption. We offer a complete solution where a portfolio of municipal buildings are gathered in a pool, and we then calculate the amount of energy the municipality can save in total. In our experience, a comprehensive approach with simultaneous rehabilitation and upgrading of properties gives the best results.

    Many government institutions, counties and municipalities have entered into EPC contracts in recent years, especially after the contract was standardized in 2014, and growth is expected to continue. A corresponding standard for energy savings contracts is also gaining a foothold with private property owners, but this market segment is less formalised at present.