Water is the lifeblood that keeps the city functioning, and without a good and secure water supply, we would all be in serious trouble. Currently, if Maridalsvannet or the water treatment plant next to it cannot be used, we have no backup. That's where our tunnel comes in. We are constructing a new water treatment plant at Huseby west in Oslo where water from Holsfjorden will be purified (we're well underway with a new tunnel from Holsfjorden too). But for everyone to be able to use this water, we need a main artery through the city to distribute the water.

This is a truly large and important job – one that will require its woman. We hope you will help us find a name for the tunnel boring machine that will do this job. According to tradition, tunnel boring machines are given female names – just like ships. The tunnel and what's inside it will be a significant part of the everyday life of everyone in Oslo when it's completed. And even though we may not think much about how water comes into our taps in our daily lives, water is, in fact, the difference between a lively, pulsating, and healthy city and a crisis scenario where the city will simply stop functioning.

Read more about the project on the City of Oslo's website.