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EPC in Oppland county

In 2014-2015 AF Gruppen implemented in total 130 energy saving measures in 14 of Oppland County Councils buildings.

Project status

      Jul 2014
      Dec 2015

      About the project

      With an investment of about 3,2 million Euros the contract guaranteed to reduce the energy consumption by 5 GWh/year. This resulted in both a significant upgrade of the technical facilities and a cut by one third of the energy costs for Oppland County Council.

        AF Gruppen

        Oppland fylkeskommune

        The primary objective


        The contract focused primarily on upgrading the energy efficiency of the school buildings in the county, including a number of upper secondary schools and the technical college.The measures consisted mainly of replacing old ventilation units, replacing old lighting with efficient LED lighting, insulating pipe systems and optimizing and regulating the existing heating systems. Systems to monitor the energy consumption on an hourly basis in all buildings were also installed. The system has been a useful tool and a motivating factor for the facility manager to reduce the energy consumption.

        During the implementation phase the facility management team played an important and active role in ensuring that the energy saving measures were carried out successfully. All of the measures were implemented while the schools were in full use.

        Monitoring and maintenance in Oppland EPC


        As part of the final monitoring phase of the contract the facility management personnel have been trained in the operation and maintenance of the new technical installations. During the monitoring phase that lasted for 3 years in Oppland EPC both AF Gruppen and the buildings facility managers followed the energy consumption very closely.


        Project info

        Project type: Rehabilitering og energieffektivisering
        Customer: Oppland county
        Contract type: EPC

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