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AF Gruppen has extensive experience in managing safe and efficient large construction and decommissioning projects. This has given us insight and knowledge to operate in demanding marine and offshore conditions. When offshore installations in the North Sea are no longer being used, Norwegian regulations and international agreements specify that they shall be removed. AF is a European leader specialising in the removal and recycling of offshore installations since 1994. Our expertise enables us to undertake the most complicated decommissioning work where we recycle up to 98% of the steel used on platforms. Our offshore company also supplies turnkey services in respect of cooling and ventilation for onshore and offshore installations, rigs and ships (HVAC). By virtue of our close involvement, we are able to create assets for our customers through our presence in Norway, Great Britain, and Asia. Offshore wind is an important enabler in the world’s energy transition where our experience is transferable. We create solutions that are adapted to future use and provide high customer value through safe and efficient project execution.


  • Awarded Offshore Wind Contract

    Aeron, a company in AF Gruppen, has been awarded an EPCi contract for the supply of complete ventilation and cooling systems for a 2GW offshore wind project, which is part of a large development project under the auspices of the Dutch, state-owned company TenneT. Upon completion, the project will produce electricity to households in Germany and the Netherlands. The agreement with Aeron has a value that exceeds MNOK 500 excl VAT.

    Published: 03.06.2024

  • AF-posten artikkel
    Curlew Steel Used in Oslo Multipurpose Hall

    A portion of steel plates from a production vessel/FPSO will be used for beams, including the roof structure of the Løren Multipurpose Hall in Oslo.

    Published: 04.04.2024

  • AF-posten artikkel
    Fire extinguishers from offshore installations are reused

    Buyers of new homes in Skårersletta MIDT in Lørenskog get a fire extinguisher that has been in service before, perhaps on an oil platform in the North Sea.

    Published: 17.01.2024

  • Will future building materials be made of recycled steel from old ships and oil platforms?

    Will future building materials be made of recycled steel from old ships and oil platforms? Under the leadership of AF Offshore Decom, a research project can provide the answer.

    Published: 04.01.2024

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