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Notification of contentious issues

Notification of contentious issues

    Notification of contentious issues

    Notification means informing the company about contentious issues at the company. Notification helps AF Gruppen to sort out contentious issues and avoid undesirable incidents. All employees and contract workers have a right to notify the company about contentious issues. Anyone who informs the company in the proper manner is protected against any reprisals as a result of such notification.

    AF Gruppen's suppliers, partners and other stakeholders are also encouraged to report on contentious issues.

    Notification can be made open or anonymously, and both the notification and the notifiers’ identity shall be treated as confidential information. Notification shall be made to one’s line manager or to a manager at a higher level, by email to the Notification Committee of AF Gruppen, or anonymously through this channel operated by a trusted third party. As far as the case permits, notifier shall be given information about AF Gruppen's processing of the notification and the outcome of the case.

    Examples of contentious issues could include the following:

    • Breaches of legislation, regulations and the code of conduct
    • Corruption, embezzlement or other forms of financial fraud
    • Harassment, discrimination or substance abuse in the workplace
    • Error reporting or manipulation of financial reporting
    • Threats to life, health and the environment

    The Notification Committee of AF Gruppen consists of:

    •  Håkon Stenseth, Director of Procurement and Legal (Committee leader)
    •  Tomas Gyran, company physician
    •  Sif Løvdal, HR manager
    •  Ellen Hammer,  senior HR advisor
    •  Christian Berg, chief employee representative / chief Safety Delegate
    •  Tinis Wensing, HR manager, Sweden