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Deepsea Atlantic

At the Environmental Base at Vats, AF has carried out a classification assignment on Deepsea Atlantic – one of the largest rigs in the world.

Project status

      Feb 2014
      Feb 2017

      About the project

      At the AF Environmental Base at Vats, AF carried out a five-year classification and upgrading on “Deepsea Atlantic”, one of the largest semi rigs in the world.

        AF Gruppen

        Vats, Norge

        Project Information

        The Environmental Base at Vats is specially adapted to carry out rig service with state-of-the-art stair towers featuring double lifts. 

        On Deepsea Atlantic, AF replaced the top drive, two thrusters, the N-line (which is part of the compensation system for BOP/Riser). BOP will be classified and diving activities will be conducted. 

        Odfjell established a project management of 35 persons at Vats and the work was led by the rig company's technology unit in close collaboration with AF.

        Project info