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Platform Janice

The Janice project included Engineering Down and Cleaning (EDC) of the process equipment as well as demolition and recycling. Removal is performed with a combination of Piece Small and Reverse Installation methods while the FPU is afloat at the quayside, at all time keeping structural integrity and stability. All disposal is completed at AF Environmental Base Vats near Haugesund.

Project status

    Dec 2016
    Dec 2017

    About the project

    The rig, which weighs approximately 18,500 tonnes, shall be cut up at the dock at the AF Environmental Base at Vats and processed onshore prior to demolition and recycling. This is the first time that AF will adopt the method being used, and the project represents an expansion of the range of services offered by AF Decom Offshore.

    • 18 500

      tonne rig

    • Over 95% will be source separated and reused

    Semi-rig with a history

    In the early 1980s, “Port Royal” was built and used as an accommodation platform. From 1997 to 1999, under the auspices of Maersk Oil UK, it was converted to a floating production unit (FPU). The same year the platform was rechristened “Janice”, in accordance with planned use on Maersk’s UK field of the same name. Since this time, Janice has been located in the British sector of the North Sea, up to its arrival at Vats in September 2016. 

    Stage-by-stage process 

    Cutting up and recycling the first semi-rig in Norway is a project that extends over several phases. The first phase involved cleaning the processing plant and all its associated piping and systems. The second phase of the project was the actual demolition of the processing plant. The third phase, on which the AF team is currently working, includes cutting up and recycling the original rig structure. 

    This is the first time a semi-rig is being recycled in Norway utilising this method, and the project represents an expansion of AF's range of services. The project has a recycling rate of between 95% and 98%.

    Project info

    Project type: Fjerning og gjenvinning offshore
    Business unit: AF Offshore Decom AS
    Customer: Maersk Oil UK