The project involves establishing two housing communities (referred to as “tun 1” and “tun 2”) for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Each housing community will consist of six residential units and a service base. The buildings will be constructed according to high environmental standards.

Tun 1 comprises a new building in combination with the renovation of the oldest school building from 1952, while Tun 2 will be a newly constructed building. The existing gymnasium is currently used by the local community for recreation. It has been decided to preserve, rehabilitate, and offer it as a community center. Additionally, a public playground will be established. These works will be carried out under the same contract as the housing community, collectively referred to as the Haugland Housing Community.

“We are proud to have been selected to execute the Haugland Housing Community project. The stringent environmental requirements set by the client, along with the project’s architecture and site conditions, make it professionally very interesting. We look forward to starting the project and developing an area with socially beneficial buildings, in close collaboration with Bergen Municipality,” says Frank Ståløy, Managing Director of Åsane Byggmesterforretning.

Construction is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2024, with an estimated construction period of 24 months.