Aeron will deliver detailed engineering, design, engineering, procurement, and assembly of ventilation and cooling systems for the 2GW projects, BalWin4 & LanWin1, which will provide green wind power from the North Sea to approx. 5 million households. The contract has been awarded by a recognized international EPC supplier on behalf of TenneT for the project development.

The issuer of the contract is a reputed global supplier of engineering and construction solutions to the energy industry.

"We are honored to have been trusted with this contract, marking a significant advancement in our activities within the offshore wind sector. This contract marks a significant step forward in our commitment to renewable energy, and we look forward to collaborating with our customer and partners to ensure successful project implementation”, says Amund Tøftum, CEO of AF Gruppen ASA.

Project planning will start immediately, and the equipment delivery will take place in 2025 and 2026. Following Aeron's deliveries, the systems will be mounted on the platforms at the shipyard before installation, and completion offshore in 2029-2030. Aeron will provide service and maintenance services until 2034.