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Our history

Our history

    In 1985 the two creators of AF Gruppen Leif Jørgen Moger and Per Aftreth had a credit of 20 MNOK and together with 35 earlier colleagues they successfully completed two large construction contracts within the first year. Now they had proven their competence, work ethics, integrity, and ability to deliver according to contract specifications.

    After 10 years in civil engineering AF Gruppen had enough resources to develop a branch towards building and property. In 1997 AF merged with a large building company in Oslo. The same year AF Gruppen was listed on Oslo Stock Exchange that led to an even higher level of professionalization of the company.

    The coming years AF Gruppen extended to decommissioning, both land-based and offshore. The core values of the company, including a strict compliance to our own as well as governmental HSE rules and our ability to work hard has given AF Gruppen some of the largest contracts, with high social benefit within our fields of expertise in Norway.

    All our 6000 employees deliver thorough and hard work in projects all over Norway, Sweden and the North Sea. Together we are clearing up the past and building for the future.