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AF Gruppen is a leading contracting and industrial group. AF Gruppen is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange and has six business areas.


Safe and good operations for AF Gruppen


AF Gruppen's profit margin for Q3 was 7 %. The profit margin and injury rate shows that work on continuous improvement in the organizations is progressing. AF Gruppen is well equipped for further growth, both organizationally and financially.

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AF Gruppen with new housing development project in Sandefjord


Kilen Brygge AS, a company 100 % owned by AF Gruppen, has entered into an agreement with Miliarium Kilen AS to sell 50 % of the shares in Kilen Utbygging 2 AS. Miliarium Kilen AS is a company in the Adolfsen Group.

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AF Gruppen to build commercial building in Gothenburg

AF Gruppen to build commercial building in Gothenburg


AF Bygg Göteborg AB, a subsidiary of AF Gruppen ASA, has signed an agreement with Älvstranden Utveckling AB to acquire a plot ready for construction to build Centrumhuset, a new commercial building in Gothenburg.

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Work in AF

The entrepreneurial spirit in AF has been characterized by the ability and willingness to think differently and to find better and more future-oriented ways of creating values.
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Vacancies in AF

Avdelingsleder(Prosjektdirektør) - VEG Konsern
Avdelingsleder(Prosjektdirektør) - Bygg Konsern
Prosjektingeniør Offshore
Senior servicetekniker kulde- og varmepumpeteknikk / Elektro Energi

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