AF Decom Offshore has raised the loading buoy ashore at AF’s decommissioning yard in Vats, cut the buoy into smaller pieces, sorted them and send the various fractions to approved reception facilities.

The Kittiwake loading buoy was previous located in the Kittiwake field in the North Sea.
The contract included release from anchor fixings in the Kittiwake field and towing to Vats. This part of the work was carried out by sub-contractors with the skills and equipment necessary for underwater work and marine operations, and took about a month.

Kittiwake was lifted ashore at AF Environmental Base Vats in four pieces. Uglen, a small crane vessel, was used for the first three lifts. These had a total weight of around 800 tonnes. For the last and heaviest lift, recourse was had to a larger crane vessel, Rambiz. The last lift was just under 2500 tonnes.
After the parts of the loading buoy had been landed, they were cut into small pieces. These were then sorted into various fractions and sent to approved environmental reception facilities.

The Kittiwake project achieved excellent HSE results, with no serious incidents or accidents causing absence from work.
AF Environmental Base Vats is currently being extended, and when the work is complete in summer 2009, will be the most modern decommissioning yard in Europe for obsolete oil installations.

Project type Offshore Decommissioning
Timespan January 2008 - April 2009
Customer Venture North Sea Oil Limited
Contractor AF Decom Offshore
Volume Weighed construction 4130 tonnes