Demolition of Ekofisk 2/4 Tank Topsides

Using shears and sorting equipment mounted on excavation machines, the platform was torn down, cut into pieces, sorted and loaded up in specially built containers for transport to land with supply boats.

Detailed engineering phase of 15 months with a large emphasis on safe execution.

At Vats in Rogaland, AF has built Europe's most modern decommissioning yard for scrapped marine structures. Here, all the waste fractions from Ekofisk 2/4T were received for further processing, recycling and delivery to approved recipients.

Extremely good HSE results were obtained, including no serious incidents or accidents resulting in time off from work, plus there was a recycling degree of 98 percent by weight.

Project type Offshore Decommissioning
Timespan November 2004 - August 2007
Customer ConocoPhillips
Contract size NOK 500 million
Contract practice Turnkey contract
Contractor AF Decom Offshore
Volume Weight topsides 25,000 tons