Storo Storsenter, energy centre

AF Energi & Miljøteknikk is building a local heating system to supply both heating and cooling energy to the entire centre.

The system has been primarily planned as a low temperature energy system. Since the centre has a requirement for cooling all year, a refrigeration unit dimensioned in accordance with winter requirements has been installed in the energy centre. Cold side dimensioning: 500 kW and 7/12 ºC and hot side: 600 kW for 42/37 ºC.

During the summer, all or part of the excess heat from the system can be stripped via dry coolers on the roof over to the energy centre. Dimensioned output for cooling and heating is 2,500kW. Energy levels supplied are initially estimated at 3GWh heating and 1GWh cooling.

Two air to water heat pumps have been installed with a cooling output of 1,000kW. On winter days, when heat is needed for melting snow for example, these units can be used for heating. During the winter-spring and autumn-winter transitional periods, one of the units can be used for heating and the other for cooling. This means that the energy system has great flexibility.

A combination of gas and electrical boilers is used for peak and reserve capacity. Two gas boilers of 795kW and an electric unit of 500kW have been installed. This part of the system will deliver high temperature energy with a dimensioned output of 300kW to an office wing in the centre. This part of the energy system can also provide heat on the coldest winter days.

The environment

The energy system at Storo will be at the cutting edge as regards the environment. The deliberate choice of eco-friendly technology as the basis for energy production will reduce carbon emissions to the environment by an amount equivalent to a full car park at the centre.

Project type Renewable Energy
Customer Follo Fjernvarme AS
Project address Vitaminveien 7 G/9, 0485 Oslo
Contract practice Total contract
Contractor AF Energi & Miljøteknikk AS
Volume Olav Thon Gruppen has begun a major expansion of the shopping centre space at Storo Storsenter in Oslo. The extension will be completed during the first half of 2010. Supply of heating to the centre will begin in the first quarter of 2009.