Avinor - Energy Performance Contracting

In 2011, AF signed an energy saving contract with Avinor. The aim is profitable energy reductions at Avinor's airports. The agreement covers 15 airports in all.

Avinor has a target of 30% reduction in its total energy consumption by 2020.

The contract is based on the energy conservation contract designed for public procurements.
In the contract model, AF is given incentives to use its competence and creativity to tailor a package of measures that will give Avinor the greatest possible savings and profitability. AF is responsible for the entire project, implementation and follow up process and guarantees savings and profitability for up to eight years.

“Avinor’s target is a 30% reduction in its total energy consumption. Through this contract with AF, we shall review the final investment requirement during the first half of 2011.
AF’s tender was the best, based on the award criteria of profitability, competence and experience, organisation and progress,” says Rune Roger Johansen, property manager at Avinor. (February 2011)

The length of the agreement will depend on the payback period for each airport. The agreement with Avinor is a large and important one for AF. In this agreement, AF will use its inter-disciplinary fund of expertise in the efficient use of energy. In this way, Avinor will achieve a significant and long-term reduction in energy consumption and energy costs at its airports. This agreement will benefit Avinor, the AF Group and, not least, the environment! At AF, we call this the BLUE ENVIRONMENT EFFECT!

Project type Energy Efficiency
Timespan February 2011 -
Customer Avinor AS
Contract practice Energy Performance Contracting
Contractor AF Energi & Miljøteknikk AS