Rv47 T-Connection

AF is under construction the new T-connection between E39 in Tysvær and Rv47 at Karmøy, together with North-South direction between Fosen and E134 in Haugesund, for Statens Vegvesen.

Contract K1 T-connection is a new highway connection between Karmøy, Haugesund and Tysvær communities.

The Project includes tunnels below sea level at Karmsundet, Førresfjorden og Fosen, tunnel profile T11,5 with roundabout at Fosen (level -60 bsl.), water- and frostiness security, manholes, conduits, electro work. Highway with roundabouts and road junctions, rails and lighting, pump stations, technical buildings, 2 brigdes and 3 road crossings.

The T-connection consist of 5 contracts and will be finalized Spring 2013.

Project type Infrastructure
Timespan September 2009 - December 2012
Customer Statens Vegvesen
Project address Karmøy
Contract size NOK 942 mill.
Contract practice General contract
Contractor AF Anlegg
Volume 8,9 km tunnel length with approx. 820.000 m3 blasting, 4,2 km highway with approx.232.000 m3 blasting, 2 brigdes and 3 road crossings.