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Building and renovating residential, commercial and public sector buildings

AF is one of the largest players in the area of residential, commercial and public sector buildings. As a turnkey contractor with top expertise in project management, our experience covers the entire value chain from development and planning to building. Building is also a leader in renovation. AF also specialises in industrialised renovation of wet rooms in housing cooperatives.

We cooperate closely with clients to find efficient solutions that satisfy future environmental and energy requirements.


AF Gruppen to build 83 flats at Røa in Oslo


AF Gruppen has signed a contract with Aslakveien 20 AS (OBOS Nye Hjem AS 97,5 % and Union Eiendomskapital AS 2,5 %) to build the second stage of the Røakollen housing development at Røa in Oslo.

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AF Gruppen to build apartments in Gothenburg


On behalf of Framtiden Byggutveckling, AF Gruppen will build an apartment building with 75 units at Kortedala Torg in Gothenburg.

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LAB Entreprenør to build 59 apartments at Skjoldnes in Bergen


LAB Entreprenør AS, a company in AF Gruppen, has entered an agreement with Skjoldnes Utvikling AS to build 59 apartments at Skjoldnes in Bergen municipality.

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Yet another school contract for AF Gruppen


Halden municipality has nominated AF Gruppen (AFG) for a design and build contract to build Idd school.

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Contact Information

Henning Olsen
Executive Vice President
+47 917 41 592
Bård Frydenlund
President Human Resources & Building South West
(+47) 918 68 621
Paul-Terje Gundersen
Director, AF Bygg Oslo
(+47) 917 44 999
Nikolai Jansen
Director, AF Byggfornyelse
951 90 089
Arne Riise
Director, Strøm Gundersen AS
97 53 12 49
Trygve Mo
Director, LAB AS
+47 918 37 413
Han Olav Storkås
Director, AF Bygg Prosjektpartner
+47 901 22 744
Geir Flåta
Director, AF Nybygg
+47 994 01 510